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Ever since I was a kid, I loved antennas and TV reception. It was always a thrill to hook up an antenna and see what stations I could get, and see if I could pick up anything from a far distance. With the transition to digital broadcasting happening, my love for OTA (over the air) reception came back and this blog will focus on what channels I'm able to receive via antenna from my home just outside of Toronto, Canada. Plus there may be occasional commentaries on shows that I see while adjusting my reception.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Reception Reports: 2016 Part 5 (August)

Greetings TV Garth readers! Here’s a look back at all the over-the-air TV mayhem viewed at my home in Markham, Ontario, Canada from August 2016! Stay tuned for anchors, anecdotes and antenna reception, oh my! (This month was especially noteworthy for gaggles of meteorologists switching stations!)

Aug. 2, 2016:

- Rochester, NY, 8.1 WROC (RF45)...It was gr8 to see Josh Nichols land at WROC after waving through his window watching him for many years on WHEC!

2016-08-02 05.11.28

- Toronto, ON, 41.1 CIII (RF41)...Cindy Pom was reporting live for Global Toronto! I felt Truly Outrageous when I bumped into both Cindy and Peter Kim at World Pride back in 2014!

2016-08-02 06.28.56IMG_5813

- Rochester, NY, 13.2 CW-WHAM (RF13.2)...Jim J. Bullock was too close for Elaine’s comfort as a sassy flight attendant on Seinfeld!

2016-08-02 23.46.56

- Rochester, NY, 10.3 WHEC-WX (RF10.3)...News10NBC billed longtime meteorologist Kevin Williams “Mr. Right” until things got stormy about a year later.

2016-08-03 00.24.42

- Rochester, NY, 10.1 WHEC (RF10)...NBC’s Superstore is awesome! (And more painfully true to real life than many folks would assume…)

2016-08-03 00.41.38

Aug. 3, 2016:

- Erie, PA, 54.1 WQLN (RF50)...Before I could sing, “Don’t Sneak, I know just what you’re sayin’…” StoryCorps' short The Saint of Dry Creek delivered a heartfelt story about a father accepting his son’s sexuality!

2016-08-03 05.50.442016-08-03 05.50.59

WQLN’s ID mentions Simcoe and Port Dover, which are near The Point, an all-male campground I did plenty of sneaking at back in 2013!

2016-08-03 05.57.22

- Rochester, NY, 10.1 WHEC (RF10)...I did a sprint towards the TV to capture this fabulous Olympic ID from News10NBC!

2016-08-03 12.57.32

- Rochester, NY, 21.1 WXXI (RF16)...I wish the world could dance and sing as freely as Peg + Cat do with their friends!

2016-08-03 13.01.47

Aug. 4, 2016:

- Erie, PA, 24.1 WJET (RF24)...An ad for the Erie Art Museum’s 24th Annual Blues & Jazz Festival was JET-ing through my area!

2016-08-04 03.57.22

- Rochester, NY, 10.1 WHEC (RF10)...I was first exposed to Jennifer Lewke’s reporting when she did “The Real Deal” for Syracuse’s WSYR!

2016-08-04 05.36.07

- Erie, PA, 24.1 WJET (RF24)...Traci Teudhope, David Belmondo and Tom DiVecchio were all on hand to wish Erie a Good Morning that day!

2016-08-04 06.33.412016-08-04 06.38.53

Richard Davis made a habit of promoting Erie Playhouse productions like Sister Act! Folks needed to get tickets quickly, or else Nun would be left!

2016-08-04 06.47.43

- Erie, PA, 35.1 WSEE (RF16)...I was happy to SEE Chris Carroll, David Wolter and Emily Matson on Erie News Now that morning!

2016-08-04 06.52.222016-08-04 06.57.23

Aug. 5, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...It was the oil slick heard round the world as Pita Taufatofua strutted forth to represent Tonga in the Summer Olympics!

2016-08-05 23.29.11

WGRZ’s Olympic themed station ID was going for gold!

2016-08-05 23.36.10

Aug. 6, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...It wasn’t a stretch for me to praise the athletic prowess of Danell Leyva! (He certainly made me beam!)

2016-08-06 20.37.23

- Toronto, ON, 5.1 CBLT (RF20)...Olympian and LGBT icon Mark Tewksbury provided commentary for CBC’s coverage of the games!

2016-08-06 22.02.26

- Buffalo, NY, 23.1 WNLO (RF32) and 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...Both News 4 and Channel 2’s Ron Plants did stories about a new Lucille Ball statue being unveiled at Lucy Fest! (Compare with the original!)

2016-08-06 22.08.502016-08-07 00.26.28

Carolyn Palmer sculpted the new Lucy statue!

2016-08-07 00.27.02

I got to visit the statue with some friends during my trip to Drenched Fur in 2017!

2017-04-01 13.42.29

Aug. 7, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...I was proud to see Channel 2 include a nod to the Pride Center of Western New York in their station promo!

2016-08-07 17.26.59

- Toronto, ON, 5.1 CBLT (RF20)...CBC flashed a great Rio 2016 ID before cutting over to Scott Russell at the anchor desk!

2016-08-07 21.12.072016-08-07 21.12.41

Aug. 8, 2016:

- Rochester, NY, 13.1 WHAM (RF13)...Glenn Johnson, Kelsie Smith, Don Alhart and Mike Catalana had fun on 13WHAM News at 11!

2016-08-08 23.29.29

The fabulous Norma Holland teased the upcoming Good Day Rochester!

2016-08-08 23.29.51

- Erie, PA, 54.3 WQLN-S2 (RF50.3)...A well branded station ID makes a World of difference, in my opinion!

2016-08-09 00.55.45

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...Tom Daly and Daniel Goodfellow made a splashy appearance at the Summer Games!

2016-08-09 01.50.15

Bob Costas talked about David Boudia and, ahem, Steele Johnson who were ready to Dive In The Pool! All that was missing was Pepper MaShay crying out, “Let’s get soaking wet!”

2016-08-09 02.26.12

Aug. 9, 2016:

- Utica, NY, 2.2 WKTVCBS (RF29.2)...Errol Barnett is part of the Washington bureau at CBS News!

2016-08-09 03.32.36

- Utica, NY, 2.1 WKTV (RF29)...Jill Reale knew NBC and their affiliates were under high pressure to make the Olympics a success! (Check out the athletic and sporty WKTV bug in the bottom left corner!)

2016-08-09 06.15.46

- Buffalo, NY, 7.1 WKBW (RF38)...Multimedia journalist Justin Moore joined WKBW’s Eyewitness News team in 2015!

2016-08-10 03.02.52

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...NBC was beaming the “Final Five” to millions of viewers and nothing could bar them from vaulting towards gold!

2016-08-10 03.25.35

Aug. 10, 2016:

- Erie, PA, 35.1 WSEE (RF16)...Sabrina Fischer advertised The Sassy Peacock, which I delight in seeing during my annual trips to Erie, PA!

2016-08-10 08.56.232018-04-15 11.16.50

- Toronto, ON, 5.1 CBLT (RF20)...Canadian athletes rock hard because they’re really into medal!

2016-08-10 23.46.48

- Rochester, NY, 13.1 WHAM (RF13)...Juju Chang anchored ABC’s Nightline!

2016-08-11 01.02.33

- Rochester, NY, 10.1 WHEC (RF10)...Sometimes the positioning of towels and scores inadvertently made things look more….provocative!

2016-08-11 01.08.45

The guy on the bottom right was totally judging me for ogling the athletes!

2016-08-11 01.15.56

Kelli Stavast dove into her interview, which went swimmingly!

2016-08-11 01.22.31

Aug. 12, 2016:

- Hamilton, ON, 11.1 CHCH (RF15)...Kelis was putting the fab in FAB Life alongside Joe Zee, Leah Ashley and Lauren Makk!

2016-08-12 05.10.10

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski have been compulsory figures for many NBC sporting events, including the Olympics!

2016-08-12 23.37.54

Aug. 13, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...Hands in the air for Michael Phelps and his fabulous friends!

2016-08-14 03.25.47

Aug. 15, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 4.1 WIVB (RF39)...Rubens Mukunzi was interviewed about Karibu News, which covers issues related to immigrants and refugees!

2016-08-15 05.33.05

Aug. 16, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 17.1 WNED (RF43)...Channel 17 has championed their “dual nation” audience for a very long time!

2016-08-16 14.56.07

Aug. 17, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 4.1 WIVB (RF39)...The Late Show with Stephen Colbert featured RuPaul, who appeared at Toronto Pride earlier that year!

2016-08-18 00.29.382016-07-03 19.20.11

Aug. 18, 2016:

- Rochester, NY, 10.1 WHEC (RF10)...Usain Bolt raced through Justin Granit’s rockin’ report on the Summer Games!

2016-08-19 00.25.54

Justin Granit, Jennifer Mobilia, Berkeley Brean and Brianna DiPilato anchored the WHEC newscast that evening!

2016-08-19 00.32.09

- Rochester, NY, 8.2 BOUNCE [WROC] (RF45.2)…I was throne for a loop by this regal ad for Scottsville Auto!

2016-08-19 04.48.03

Aug. 19, 2016:

- Rochester, NY, 8.2 BOUNCE [WROC] (RF45.2)...Hairy situations abound throughout the slice-of-life sitcom In The Cut!

2016-08-19 05.04.14

- Rochester, NY, 10.1 WHEC (RF10)...Rebecca Leclair was delightfully jazzed during News10NBC Today with Pat Taney and Rich Caniglia!

2016-08-19 05.12.18

The “morning sprint” took on a whole new meaning with Rich Caniglia, Nikki Rudd, Rebecca Leclair and Pat Taney all racing towards victory!

2016-08-19 05.17.30

I almost did a handstand when I caught another Olympic ID from WHEC!

2016-08-19 05.19.50

- Rochester, NY, 8.1 WROC (RF45)...News 8 scored big with Thad Brown’s sports report that day!

2016-08-19 05.23.42

- Utica, NY, 2.1 WKTV (RF29)...Samantha Wessing and Jason Powles talked about the Herkimer County Fair on Newschannel 2 at Daybreak!

2016-08-19 05.41.46

- Rochester, NY, 8.1 WROC (RF45)...Josh Nichols and Allison Warren had gr8 camaraderie on News 8 at Sunrise!

2016-08-19 05.47.58

- Rochester, NY, 13.1 WHAM (RF13)...It was quite a surprise when Scott Hetsko moved from WROC to WHAM and joined former rivals Mark MacLean, Glenn Johnson and Marty Snyder!

2016-08-19 06.19.442016-08-19 06.19.47

- Utica, NY, 2.1 WKTV (RF29)...Don Shipman anchored Newschannel 2 at 11!

2016-08-19 23.00.41

- Erie, PA, 54.1 WQLN (RF50)...Tom New it was time to raise funds for WQLN!

2016-08-20 01.24.42

Aug. 20, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 7.1 WKBW (RF38)...Don Paul retired from WIVB and joined the 7 ABC weather team with Autumn Lewandowski, Andy Parker, Aaron Mentkowski and Mike Randall!

2016-08-20 16.39.33

- Toronto, ON, 5.1 CBLT (RF20)...CBC cut away from the Olympics to air The Tragically Hip’s heartfelt farewell concert live from Kingston!

2016-08-20 23.12.18

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...NBC profiled Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy, who was amazing on Dancing With The Stars with Derek Hough!

2016-08-21 01.06.402016-08-21 01.08.31

Aug. 21, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...Pita Taufatofua returned with another slick appearance at the Olympics’ closing ceremonies!

2016-08-22 01.19.43

Even though T.D. Jakes’ talk show was short lived, I adored his promos that encouraged viewers to “Choose Happiness”!

2016-08-22 01.21.05

Aug. 22, 2016:

- Buffalo, NY, 7.1 WKBW (RF38)...I love the sitcom Speechless!

2016-08-23 00.13.35

- Buffalo, NY, 2.1 WGRZ (RF33)...Amber Ruffin is awesome and she rocks my socks with “Amber Says What?” and “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” on Late Night With Seth Meyers!

2016-08-23 00.36.17

Aug. 23, 2016:

- Rochester, NY, 8.1 WROC (RF45)...A Time Life “Classic Rock” infomercial featured Pat Benatar, who I got to see open for Cher in 2014! (I loved her so much as a young kid, I once broke my parents’ record player trying to play her music!)

2016-08-24 02.55.20IMG_4033

Aug. 26, 2016:

- Syracuse, NY, 3.1 WSTM (RF24)...Fox Dealerships were Sharon lots of great deals with viewers!

2016-08-26 05.24.50

CNY Central was covering the Great New York State Fair!

2016-08-26 05.27.57

Lisa Spitz and Jeremy Miller anchored that morning!

2016-08-26 05.28.05

- Syracuse, NY, 9.1 WSYR (RF17)...Newschannel 9 made a brief appearance with Kate Thornton delivering the weather!

2016-08-26 05.38.49

- Syracuse, NY, 3.1 WSTM (RF24)...There was a live look at The NYS Fair, which I passed by during a road trip to the Poconos earlier that year!

2016-08-26 05.59.322016-04-17 15.19.56

It was Matt Hauswirth’s turn at bat on WSTM’s sports report!

2016-08-26 06.11.43

- Utica, NY, 2.1 WKTV (RF29)...Newschannel 2’s Morning Mug Club promoted the Clinton Art & Musical Festival which featured Ryan Quinn!

2016-08-26 06.39.14

I always look forward 2 seeing Katrina Smith, Jason Powles and Jill Reale!

2016-08-26 06.48.16

- Oshawa, ON, 22.0 CHEX-TV2 (RF22)...Although their programming came from CTV, CHEX-TV2 carried Global newscasts, including The Morning Show with Jeff McArthur!

2016-08-26 07.09.49

- Rochester, NY, 31.1 WUHF (RF28)...The crowd went wild for Jenna Cottrell’s sports recap on Good Day Rochester!

2016-08-26 07.27.33

- Buffalo, NY, 17.1 WNED (RF43)...I first saw Jenny Lewis in the Super Mario-centric film The Wizard, then learned she played Lucille Ball’s granddaughter on Life With Lucy! She then began a musical career in the late 90s, which led to this appearance on Austin City Limits!

2016-08-27 00.02.03

- Hamilton, ON, 35.1 CHCJ (RF35)...Liquidation Channel programming moved from Rogers stations to Bell Media for a brief period!

2016-08-27 02.06.39

Aug. 27, 2016:

- Pittsburgh, PA, 11.1 WPXI (RF48)...Kevin Benson served up the temperatures for Butler and beyond!

2016-08-27 05.47.27

- Huntsville, ON, 11.0 CKNY-11 (RF11)...Tony Ryma appeared in a promo for CTV News Northern Ontario!

2016-08-27 06.26.58

Finding the right fixtures can be ruff, but shopping at Howe’s Lighting & Fan Co. in North Bay, Ontario is a breeze!

2016-08-27 06.52.40

I heart this ad for King’s Framing And Art Gallery, which paints a picturesque scene of Corbeil, Ontario!

2016-08-27 06.54.06

CKNY-11 originally rebroadcast Kitchener’s CKCO before switching to North Bay’s CKNY and later Sudbury’s CICI!

2016-08-27 06.54.25

- Syracuse, NY, 9.1 WSYR (RF17)...WSYR covered all the bases (and Global’s Paris transmitter) with the Little League International World Series!

2016-08-27 17.46.29

- Syracuse, NY, 3.1 WSTM (RF24)...It would be amazing if Samantha German had majored in French or Spanish at some point in her life!

2016-08-27 17.58.07

Mary Kielar was reporting live from the New York State Fairgrounds!

2016-08-27 17.59.22

Adam Musyt stormed over to CNY Central after being on Utica’s WKTV for many years! (As of 2018, he’s at Lima, OH’s “Hometown Stations”!)

2016-08-27 18.01.12

- Rochester, NY, 8.1 WROC (RF45)...Bob Metcalfe returned to News 8 as a fill-in meteorologist!

2016-08-27 18.08.00

- Rochester, NY, 10.1 WHEC (RF10)...Amanda Ciavarri anchored the early evening newscast!

2016-08-27 18.17.55

I Bill-ieve in Bond…Stephen Bond as the new WHEC sports anchor!

2016-08-27 18.20.30

- Rochester, NY, 10.2 MeTV [WHEC] (RF10.2)...I’ve loved Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman since I was a kid, and I was lucky enough to see Lynda live in concert at the Richmond Hill Centre back in 2015!

2016-08-27 20.28.212015-04-28 21.42.55

- Rochester, NY, 31.1 WUHF (RF28)...13WHAM News at 10 on Fox Rochester featured Ashley Doerzbacher, Mark McLean and Amy Hudak!

2016-08-27 22.13.162016-08-27 22.25.06

- Woodstock, ON, 31.1 CITY (RF31)...Ginella Massa, Pam Seatle and Stella Aquisto brought CityNews Weekends to viewers!

2016-08-27 23.05.082016-08-27 23.07.502016-08-27 23.07.57

- Utica, NY, 20.2 WPNY-LP (RF30.2)...There was a fabulous ID for WUTR via sister station WPNY!

2016-08-28 00.27.08

I first saw Mohawk Valley Living on rival station WKTV back in 2009!

2016-08-28 00.28.12

I was extremely animated when I learned about “Utica’s Pop Culture Convention” Fandemicon during this episode of Mohawk Valley Living!

2016-08-28 00.46.22

- Utica, NY, 20.1 WUTR (RF30)...The awesome musical Kinky Boots was playing at the Stanley Theatre in Utica, which reminded me of when I saw it in 2015 with friends in Toronto!

2016-08-28 00.48.142016-08-28 00.48.342015-07-11 22.40.04

- Utica, NY, 20.1 WUTR (RF30)...Carl’s Furniture Warehouse brings out my nostalgia because I’ve seen Carl shake money at me since 2009!

2016-08-28 00.51.47

There was a wonderful promo for WUTR’s Eyewitness News, followed by a fab station bumper!

2016-08-28 01.20.532016-08-28 01.23.56

- Utica, NY, 20.2 WPNY-LP (RF30.2)...WPNY hit a home run with their Yankees Baseball promo that doubled as an ID!

2016-08-28 01.28.53

Aug. 29, 2016:

- Pittsburgh, PA, 4.1 WTAE (RF51)...Michelle Wright could do no wrong in this promo for Pittsburgh’s Action News 4!

2016-08-30 03.27.19

- Pittsburgh, PA, 11.1 WPXI (RF48)...Meanwhile, WPXI was wishing viewers good luck with their back to school adventures!

2016-08-30 03.37.00

Aug. 30, 2016:

- Alliance, OH, 45.1 WNEO (RF45)...Earlier this year, I was tipsy with friends and rambling about how – to escape horrendous politics – “sometimes I just want to watch Arthur being bad in school!”

2016-08-30 06.04.41

- Alliance, OH, 45.3 WNEO-D3 (RF45.3)...Jonathan Oh weathered the Storm Tracks for NHK World!

2016-08-30 06.21.14

- Pittsburgh, PA, 11.1 WPXI (RF48)...Katherine Amenta and Joe Arena were right on target during the 11 News morning show!

2016-08-30 06.32.292016-08-30 06.37.07

Scott Harbaugh and Trisha Pittman also delivered coverage we could count on that day!

2016-08-30 06.37.322016-08-30 06.38.46

Steven Fisher demolished my composure with his handsome good looks!

2016-08-30 06.39.03

- Pittsburgh, PA, 4.1 WTAE (RF51)...I was all 4 Janelle Hall, Michelle Wright, Kelly Frey and Ashley Dougherty delivering Pittsburgh’s Action News!

2016-08-30 06.54.37

ABC’s hunktastic Gio Benitez shares gorgeous scenery via Instagram!

2016-08-30 07.10.29

- Pittsburgh, PA, 11.1 WPXI (RF48)...Judge all you want, but I would totally share this 11 News promo with all my good Judys!

2016-08-30 07.19.24

- Pittsburgh, PA, 4.1 WTAE (RF51)...Meteorologist Ashley Dougherty wasn’t phased by the 4mula WTAE uses to brand their 4casts!

2016-08-30 07.23.48

- Greensburg, PA, 40.2 PFFC [WPCB] (RF50.2)...Once in awhile, WPCB (and their Faith & Family subchannel) overcome Erie’s WQLN!

2016-08-30 07.36.43

- Erie, PA, 54.1 WQLN (RF50)...However, WQLN was back later on with a promo for Our Town featuring Titusville, PA!

2016-08-31 02.55.06

Stay tuned to TV Garth for more updates on where weather people wander!